As a servicemember, you may face danger in your military duties. When you have adequate life insurance, you're protecting your family from the potential for a lifetime of financial hardship.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

Young, Military, and Uninsured?

When tough economic situations call for a tightening of your military budget, it can be tempting to cancel your life insurance policy and skip paying the premiums. But canceling your life insurance policy can actually be very costly, financially and otherwise: it puts your military family and even your relatives at risk for overwhelming debt, and that creates a world of worry for you.


Consider your current financial responsibilities: who would pay your bills if you were not there to manage them?

Even single military servicemembers who don't have children need to realize the facts: if you are not here to contribute your military salary and benefits, your current financial obligations could fall to parents or relatives. This could include payments on mortgages, auto loans, student loans and more. How would your relatives manage?

"In today's military, deployment is always a possibility," commented Roy Gibson of Military Benefit Association, one of the nation's largest and most respected non-profit organizations serving the military. "And while they may be well-prepared with life insurance before deployment, we often see young military servicemembers terminating their life insurance after returning safely from a war zone. In fact, we see this a lot," continued Gibson "especially when it comes to young, healthy, enlisted military who don't anticipate a dire situation in their future, but are focusing on their need for extra cash flow upon their return home."


Without adequate life insurance, you are gambling with your future, even if you are young, healthy, and single. Before making a decision about maintaining or canceling life insurance, it is crucial to ask and answer these difficult questions:

  • If I died tomorrow, would my family be able to pay outstanding and future financial obligations?
  • Who would pay any extended medical bills, and how would my family cover funeral expenses?
  • Would my family be financially stable in years to come without my military salary?
  • Could my family remain in the house where we now live?
Based on the cost of education today and projected for the future, could my children go to college without my financial support?

Life insurance lets you answer yes to all of these questions, and that's an immediate reward right now: the confidence of knowing that you have provided fully for your family, and taken care of your own financial responsibilities.


As time goes by, purchasing a new life insurance policy will usually result in higher premiums. Your life insurance premium is determined by factors such as age and health. If you're health declines as you get older, you may not even be eligible for an affordable life insurance policy.


Budget cuts are never easy. When making sacrifices and choosing expendables, it can seem logical to cut any military expenses that don't bring immediate results. But there are options to increase payment flexibility and help with a tight budget, without canceling your life insurance. If your health has improved since first taking the life insurance policy, find out if that could positively impact your life insurance premiums.

As a servicemember, you may face danger in your military duties. When you have adequate life insurance, you're protecting your family from another kind of danger - the potential for a lifetime of financial hardship - and protecting yourself with peace of mind.

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