As military, you have access to discount auto insurance. It's the industry's way of rewarding you for your military service and responsible behavior. Maintaining a good credit score may help to lower your auto insurance rates even farther.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

Basic Tips to Lower Your Auto Insurance

"Isn't this insurance bill higher than last month's bill? What's going on?"

Auto insurance is a necessity; you just can't drive without it. Most of us live in a state where car insurance is simply the law. But overpaying for your auto insurance...that's a choice, and you can avoid it.

Fortunately, as military, you have access to discount auto insurance. It's the industry's way of rewarding you for your military service, and responsible behavior. These days, maintaining a good credit score may help to lower your auto insurance rates even farther.

What goes into creating your auto insurance rates, and what can you do to keep auto insurance costs down?


Factors like age, sex, car type and driving record have always been key elements in determining auto insurance premiums. But one unexpected factor may be adding to your auto insurance and weighing it down: your credit score. Auto insurance carriers are now checking credit scores because it has been shown that those with poor credit are more likely to submit auto insurance claims. People with poor credit may not have the means to manage the costs of auto accident damage any other way. Even if you have stellar credit, some auto insurance companies place more value on your credit score than others, and factor in your credit accordingly. Shop around and you may find variation in auto insurance quotes among companies that do ask for your credit score.

But auto insurance is all about the numbers. since auto insurance companies are aware that people with less-than-perfect credit numbers simply tend to have a higher probability of claims, manage your credit report and do some credit repair if necessary before getting a quote for auto insurance.


Many people let someone borrow the car for a short time; a friend or relative needs a car for the day, or you'd rather let someone else drive while you sleep in the back seat. Wake up: lending your car to the wrong person can be a big financial mistake.

If you lend your car to someone who subsequently gets into an accident, your auto insurance company might not cover your claim. Pay close attention if you have your military kids named on your auto insurance policy as driver: kids often let their friends drive the car for just about any reason at all. As a rule, only the names of insured persons should give permission and then, only infrequently.


The amount of speeding tickets you get has nothing to do with your driving a red sports car, but it does affect to your auto insurance rates - and your ability to maintain your auto insurance policy.

Some insurance companies have a limit of two speeding tickets or less within a three year period. If you reach three speeding tickets, you've moved yourself out of their underwriting guidelines and they won't renew your auto insurance policy. And once your tickets (or accidents) build up, some auto insurance companies will drop you altogether, simply because you're too high a risk.


Hitting a deer or being rear-ended more than once can also impact more than you car; it can affect your auto insurance. Even if there's no fault found in your accident, the fact is that your claims cause your insurance company to lose money.and thus, you may lose your insurance policy. Don't lie to your auto insurance agent about your accident history to get a lower rate. Your agent looks up your driving record instantly. If you've lied, the agent may decline to cover you at all.


Drivers who talk on their cell phones and send text messages can be deadly to themselves and others. Your auto insurance company doesn't look kindly on this dangerous road behavior and tickets for these offenses can negatively affect your insurance premiums. Many states have made it illegal to use your cell phone while driving and if you're fined for doing so, your auto insurance may even drop you from coverage altogether.


Always make sure to know what your current car insurance policy covers. You may have coverage that you don't need like windshield replacement or towing. Adjust your auto coverage to receive the auto insurance you need, at a price that suits your military budget. And, if you have improved your credit score since your last auto insurance policy quote, have your insurance company requote your policy based on your higher credit score. You may just be pleasantly surprised next time you open your auto insurance bill.


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