Each year, legislative bills and joint and resolutions are proposed to Congress regarding military healthcare, military benefits, and military family life. These military bills range from expanding veterans outreach programs to introducing honors for military heroism.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

How Military Legislation Enhances Military Life

Each year, legislative bills and joint and resolutions are proposed to Congress regarding military policy: military healthcare, military benefits, and military family life including children, spouses and extended family members. These military bills range from expanding veterans outreach programs to introducing honors for military heroism.

Joint resolutions are step 1 in passing a law, after being passed by both the House and the Senate and signed by the President. Joint resolutions may also propose amendments to the Constitution, if passed by both the House and Senate and ratified by three-quarters of the states, without a presidential signature.

Being aware of how proposed and passed military bills and joint resolutions affect the quality of military life for you and your family is important.

RESOLUTION 4505: Nursing Care for Military Families
Resolution 4505 provides nursing care to parents whose children died while serving their military duties. This works by giving Secretary of Veterans Affairs (VA) permission to have a state home to provide VA nursing home care to parents of deceased military children.

RESOLUTION 3378: Caring for Military Service Members Exposed to Environmental Hazards
Resolution 3378 is a bill to authorize military health care for service members exposed to environmental hazards while serving on duty. This bill is specifically directed at individuals involved in Camp Lejeune and Atsugi Naval Air Facility and their families.

RESOLUTION 3913: District of Columbia National Guard College Access Act
While the GI Bill provides larger tuition support for veterans, Resolution 3913 provides financial aid to veterans of the D.C. National Guard so they may pursue undergraduate, master's, vocational, or technical degree. In order to be eligible, military service members must have completed active duty service and be committed to serving the next 6 years.

RESOLUTION 5226: Appalachian Veterans Outreach Improvement Act
The Appalachian Veterans Outreach Improvement Act is an effort by the VA and Appalachian Regional Commission to reach out to veterans living in the Appalachian region. A remote region of the U.S., resolution 5226 aims to increase veteran access to federal, state and local veterans benefits programs.

RESOLUTION 3885: Veterans Dog Training Therapy Act
Resolution 3885 passed immediately, allows the VA to run a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) therapy program by training dogs. Measures will regulate the effectiveness of the program and employ the dog training therapy regularly.

RESOLUTION 940: Honoring the National Guard on its 373rd Anniversary
Resolution 940 recognizes the National Guard for its role in continuing homeland security operations since September 11, 2001, and other military operations. The U.S. National Guard supports military readiness, protecting the freedom of U.S. citizens through courageous and dedicated military service members.

RESOLUTION 358: "Wreaths Across America Day" Becomes a Designated Holiday
Resolution 358 determines December 12 as "Wreaths Across America Day." The Wreaths Across America project is put together by the Patriot Guard Riders, volunteers, and donors, continuing the tradition of garnishing national cemeteries and VA memorials with wreaths.


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