Minsk World in Shenzhen, China, is one of only two theme parks in the world to be based on a real aircraft carrier. The park is built around the base of Minsk, a second-generation Soviet aircraft carrier.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

Minsk World: Where Theme Park Meets Military History

Growing up military can have its challenges; few would think of military lifestyle as a vacation. But how about building a vacation around learning about military history?

Have you considered teaching your children military history by visiting a military theme park? Consider Minsk World: one of a select unique theme parks that combines a stunning recreational landscape with a distinctly military atmosphere.

Minsk World in Shenzhen, China, is one of only two theme parks in the world to be based on a real aircraft carrier. The park is built around the base of Minsk, a second-generation Soviet aircraft carrier, one of the most outstanding in the history of routine aircraft carriers.

Minsk was built in 1972 and was first listed as part of the Soviet Union Navy Pacific Fleet in 1978. It was retired after the Cold War and sold to Korea in 1993. In June of 1998, Minsk was purchased by the Minsk Company for the purpose of creating a military-themed tourist attraction. In the past ten years, its development has evolved, taking it from a mere theme park to a center for popular science education as well as national defense education

Minsk World is made up of two parts: the Minsk Aircraft Carrier (at sea) and Minsk Square (on land). These sections are connected by a military bridge that is 10.9 yards wide and(98.5 yards long.

The Minsk Aircraft Carrier covers 7.4 acres. The well-known Soviet MiG-23 aircraft-fighter and Mi-24 military helicopters are on display on the first deck, while on the second deck, the crew's living area has been rebuilt to give visitors a glimpse of the conditions of naval life. There are also exhibitions on space flight, sailing and aviation, and visitors can take part in activities, such as mimic warfare, that allow them to experience the excitement of operating hi-tech military weapons.

Back on land, Minsk Square also offers historical re-enactments, along with shopping and dining. The Square encompasses 19.8 acres and is divided into three sections. When entering the Front Square, a sculpture called 'Turn Swords into Ploughs' which calls for deep thought about the hard-earned peace.

Learning to be military proud - teaching your children that they are part of a proud heritage of service and commitment - can make a difference in the way a military lifestyle is experienced by children.


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