Depending on your military status, military pay grade and bonuses, you may find that you have a good percentage of your military pay left for investing and saving for your future financial freedom.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

Advance to Financial Freedom With Your Military Pay

Your military lifestyle provides you with unique financial opportunities to build wealth. You don't have to be an advanced investor to be able to successfully use your military pay to create your financial freedom.

You start simply: by saving your military paycheck and using instead the many military financial supports available to you, in order to cover your expenses.

Depending on your military status, military pay grade and bonuses, you may find that you have a good percentage of your military pay left for investing and saving for your future financial freedom.


The financial strategy here is simple, and highly effective.

By combining smart military savings programs and investment opportunities like VA Home Loans, with military financial support programs that pay for your housing, food, clothing and more, you can actually save enough money while you're serving in the military to be financially free when you separate from military service.


The first rung on the ladder of military training is basic training, and that can also be the first step toward growing your financial freedom while you're in the military.

Here's how:

Although service members don't get paid for basic training, you're also not spending money: your living expenses are covered by the military.

Living without expenses is a great opportunity to let your income work for you. Research investments you can make before you leave for training and park 10% of your money in sound investment opportunities.

An investment representative or a mentor can assist you in setting up the right plan for your age and financial goals. If you have a spouse, invest together and your spouse monitor the investment while you are in training.


By the time basic training is over your investment or your Military Savings Deposit Account could become a "golden goose:" an account that earns interest you can use without touching the principal. That means the account either pays high interest, or pays dividends that you spend.

Now you can take those returns and invest in passive income streams.


Passive income as the name implies, also earns you money without your working for it - thus, it is a passive form of revenue.

Passive income can come from rental property, stocks that pay dividends, high interest accounts, etc.

If the military supports enough of your expenses, you will have more money available to invest in passive income streams.

If you would like to own rental property, using your VA Home Loan options you may be able to purchase property with no downpayment and a low interest rate as well as support for closing costs and more. That may provide the best possible cash flow from your owned property.


As you continue your military career, the military offers even more alternatives to support your lifestyle without spending a dime.

For example, instead of living off-post and buying meals, you can live in the barracks and eat at the mess hall. Shop at the commissary for additional savings on essential items.

And there's no need to scrimp on your education when you have access to a stellar Post 9/11 GI Bill which can pay not only your tuition, but also books and housing costs at an institution of higher learning.

And what better investment than continuing education? A degree may help you earn a higher pay grade while you're in the military, and a higher salary when you are ready to transition to civilian life. Over the life of your career, a solid education could add up to hundreds of thousands more dollars in salary for a fraction of what others pay for their education, thanks to your GI Bill.


In school we do not learn how to become rich. But while you're in the military, you can make it your duty learn about and leverage the many military financial support programs available, and successfully grow your finances while serving your country.

The combination of saving money now, leveraging military financial support programs, while investing in your education and your passive income streams during your time in the military, gives you a great opportunity to advance your financial status.

Start now and make your career in the military serve double duty: to serve your country and transform your life to one of complete financial freedom.


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