The safest loans for military service members can be obtained through a VA qualified lender, which means banks and other mortgage lenders provide the loan with the VA as a guarantor.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

VA Loans, Military Loans: Which Serve You Best Now?

Active duty military service members face unique financial circumstances that make applying for loans a challenge.

For example, lack of collateral, access to solid banking facilities, a permanent address, or showing a solid credit history required by many lenders, can all be detrimental to securing a loan when you are military.

Many lenders advertise "military loans" targeting military service members with special needs; but be aware that these "military loans" may come with risky terms and high interest rates.

Don't fall prey to predatory lending. Explore all your military loan options, including eligibility for VA loans to expand upon and build a more solid military financial future, while securing a loan to help you today.


Many lenders appeal to the under-served military loan market by creating "military loans," requiring less credit history and collateral.

Although some lenders honestly want to serve you and will make military customers a high priority, others may be taking advantage of low market competition and availability of military loans to those with less-than-stellar credit by charging you high interest rates and financing fees, knowing military service members think they have few legitimate loan choices.

Don't believe it. As military, you have loan options that can often be better than civilian loans in terms of interest rates, downpayments, and payment terms.


The safest loans for military service members can be obtained through a VA qualified lender, which means banks and other mortgage lenders provide the loan with the VA as a guarantor.

The VA guarantees home, personal, and other loans for veterans and active duty military service members with a Department of Veterans Affairs Certificate of Eligibility. To obtain an eligibility certificate, fill out Form 26-1880 (which can be filled out online), then ask a VA approved lender for a VA loan.


In peacetimes, an active-duty service member must have 181 days of service to qualify for a VA loan, or have a service-related disability with an honorable discharge.

Veterans and National Guard members with completed military service time requirements are also eligible. National Guard Service members must have provided six years of service with required drills and training, or incurred service related disabilities.

Service Prior to Sept. 7, 1980
During times of war, a veteran must serve at least 90 days of active duty and receive an honorable discharge in order to qualify including World War II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

During peacetime, the veteran must serve 181 continuous days on active duty and receive an honorable discharge.

Veterans who don't meet the time requirements may be eligible if disabled as a result of their service.

Service After Sept. 7, 1980
Service members must serve for 24 continuous months on active duty and receive an honorable discharge to be eligible for a VA loan. If you don't serve 24 months but complete the full term of their service - at least 181 days on active duty - you are also eligible.

In addition, veterans with service-connected disabilities but unable to meet the time requirement are still eligible for a VA loan.

Gulf War Service
Service members with 24 consecutive months on active duty after Aug. 2, 1990, are eligible for a VA loan, provided you received an honorable discharge. If you are honorably discharged early for hardship your requirement is 90 days. Veterans with service-related disabilities who do not meet the time requirement are eligible as well.

If you are s released for an involuntary reduction of force, or certain medical condition, you still may be eligible for a VA loan.

National Guard Service
National Guard members not called for active duty service are also eligible for a VA loan.

You must have given six years of service and attended weekend drills and the required two-week annual training.

If you are still serving, honorably discharged, placed on a retirement list or Standby Reserve can apply for an eligibility certificate. Guard members with service-related disabilities and less than six years served are also eligible for VA home financing.

Be confident and don't be conned: honest military loans and VA backed loans - for home purchases, for personal needs, and for a lot more - are available to qualified military servicemembers serving their country honorably.and that includes you.


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