Franchise ownership is a perfect fit for veterans who want a head start on a successful business after a military career. Operation Enduring Opportunity even offers incentives for veteran franchise ownership through IFA's VetFran program.
Before they were famous, many truly influential men and women started by serving their country in the US military or grew up in military families.

Operation Enduring Opportunity Encourages Veterans and Franchises

After military retirement or separation, veterans face a challenging transition from the consistency of military pay, military bonuses and military perks such as housing and Commissary discounts, to civilian life and the civilian job market.

Franchise ownership is a perfect fit for veterans who want a head start on a successful business after a military career.

In November 2011, the International Franchise Association (IFA) teamed up with First Lady Michelle Obama to create Operation Enduring Opportunity, an industry-wide recruitment plan designed to help veterans choose a career in franchising.

Operation Enduring Opportunity even offers incentives for veteran franchise ownership through IFA's VetFran program.


As opposed to starting a business from scratch, franchise ownership enables newly-separated veterans to become financially self-sufficient in their business life sooner. In addition the skills needed to run a successful franchise are the same management and leadership skills honed during military service.


The unique opportunity for financial success in franchising is especially appealing in an economy that lacks both jobs and corporate job security.

Veteran-owned franchises tend to thrive in a troubled economy where many small businesses are shutting their doors. The reason is often the resolve of the veterans themselves: military veterans have the training necessary to run a successful franchise including initiative, determination, leadership, and ability to stick to an operation and see it through to success.

These skills that military service members develop during military training and service also fit the profile of a successful businessperson.

Other military skills that translate to franchise success include developing budgets, managing people and inventory, and leadership skills.


Franchises are proven successful business models, with normal business start-up work already completed such as product development, purchasing, marketing, and market research.

With an already successful operating system and proven brand name plus ongoing franchise support, veteran franchisers are able to bypass many of the initial risks necessary when starting a business from scratch.


As a veteran, your military career has armed you with the skills to succeed at a franchise business; now it's up to you to choose from among the thousands of franchise opportunities available, from food to sports to health and fitness.

Choose your best franchise opportunity by finding a franchise that offers products and services that align with your passions.

Remember that well-established franchises, those that have longevity in business, are well-funded and well-established and are backed with proven brand success often lead to faster business success for veterans who choose them.

Research different franchises, and find resonates with you, and build a meaningful business career once your active duty military career has ended.


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