Manage your military finances with online banking. The world of online banking is on-target for supporting your busy military lifestyle. Online banking puts your military finances at your fingertips. Accessing to your account online 24-hours /7 days a week is valuable.

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Military Banking

Online Banking and Your Military Money

In addition to interest earned, time is a valuable asset that your bank can give back to your overworked military family, if your bank offers time-saving online banking services for your money management.

The world of online banking is on-target for supporting your busy military lifestyle. Online banking puts your military finances at your fingertips.

The convenience of online banking is priceless. Think online savings accounts, online bill pay, and online CD accounts - these are just some of the online banking services that make the most efficient use of your time and your money.

Opening your bank accounts can also be done online. Choose a bank that allows you to open and fund deposit accounts in minutes by completing an application at their internet banking site. A streamlined online process verifies your identity, checks your credit information, compares each applicant against the OFAC list, and approves you real-time, so your new account is opened and funded online.

Once your accounts are opened, online banking lets you manage banking from your home base, wherever that may be - no postage, no legwork, no additional costs. Your bank should offer a complete array of online banking services, from A to Z: from automatic deposit of your military paycheck, to E-Z bill pay. With online banking you can transfer money between accounts, pay bills automatically if you choose, check balances of each account and so much more, with a few clicks on your computer keyboard.

When you want to stay on top of your money, access to your account online 24-hours /7 days a week is valuable. Make it a habit to check your daily balances and cleared items; check recent deposits; report lost or stolen credit/debit cards; view posted and upcoming transactions to your bank accounts; transfer money between your various bank accounts; and pay all your loans on time, online. It's easy, using your account number and PIN, anytime, from any place.


When it comes to accessing cash easily don't leave your military home base without your bank ATM card - with all the military travel you do, this card is the one that can be truly priceless. The best ATM cards let you access the convenience of anytime-ATM cash withdrawals, from many conveniently located ATM machines. For many places that may not accept checks, your bank Debit Card acts like a cash transaction, making a direct debit against your bank checking or savings accounts, letting merchants know money is in your account to cover your purchases without using credit cards, checks or cash.


Bank of America had held the Department of Defense official travel charge card contract for a decade. But as of November 2008, your government-issued Bank of America official travel charge card for military and civilian employees was deactivated, and your new Citibank military travel card should have arrived. All eligible defense military and civilian travelers received their new Citicards by September 2008. Your Citibank military travel charge card is used exactly the same way as the previous Bank of America military travel card; even your cardholder agreement was the same that military travelers read and signed for Bank of America.

The Citibank military travel card will offer the same important features Bank of America cardholders are accustomed to, including an online payment option.

Military travelers with questions about their Citibank military travel charge card can ask their agency travel program managers or access DTMO's web site.

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