When you're ready to buy a house for your military family, the best mortgage rates are reserved for those with the highest credit scores. When you're looking for a new car, your auto loan rate can be determined by your credit rating. Your credit rating can support a comfortable military lifestyle. Don't overlook it.

A single loan takes you from construction to occupancy.

Military Banking

Preserve and Protect Military Credit

High interest bank accounts and online services streamline your time and make the most of your military pay. There is one more valuable benefit to online banking you may not realize: online banking can help you to maintain and even increase your military credit rating.

Your credit rating is as good as gold: it can give you access to more money not only today, when you're in the military, but in the future, for loans to start new ventures. For today, when you're ready to buy a house for your military family, the best mortgage rates are reserved for those with the highest credit scores. When you're looking for a new car, your auto loan rate is partly determined by your credit rating. The numbers count for a lot when it comes to your credit score and your loan payments.

Your credit rating supports your most comfortable military lifestyle. Don't overlook it - make sure your bank is on the money with services to help make your credit score go higher and higher.


Online bill pay can support your credit rating; make sure your bank offers Online ACH Draft Acceptance. As a nationwide funds transfer system, Online ACH Draft Acceptance facilitates direct payments from your account to other financial institutions.

With Online ACH Draft Acceptance, you can pay bills online and eliminate late payment strikes on your credit reports, which helps you protect and even increase your credit rating. Your credit rating will be positively affected when you show a consistent record of on time bill payments. For you, it's easy: you just set your savings or checking account up to make bill payments with the simple click of your mouse, arranging either one-time or recurring bill payments on dates you specify, and you never have to worry about late fees or notices again.

If you're on military deployment and your military family is already a little overwhelmed, eliminate their added burden of paying bills on time by arranging online bill pay before you leave. Late payments not look bad on your credit report, but those fees add more cost to the goods and services you charged.


How about bounced checks? How embarrassing...and damaging to your credit rating.

Make sure your bank has Overdraft Privilege to protect you. With Overdraft Privilege in place, you never need to worry about bounced checks in your personal checking account.

Rather than returning items unpaid, your bank will pay the items up to the Overdraft Privilege limit. This discretionary service generally has a limit, and an Overdraft Item/Insufficient Funds fee may be applied - but your credit rating, your payments and your financial reputation are protected, vital things you'll need while you're in the military and afterwards. Overdraft Privilege becomes especially important if you are on military deployment and unable to deal personally with bank mishaps.

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